Other Services

New alternatives to look after your health Treating deep muscle and restoring its balance by physiotherapists     Checking your health with alternative medicine’s practitioners by measuring [...]

Rainbow Arokaya Technique

Stop office syndrome with Rainbow Arokaya Technique. This physiotherapy program can treat muscle pain and stiffness. It can reduce the tension in different muscles from the neck, shoulders, back, [...]

Japanese Sand Bath

Rainbow Arokaya’s unique Japanese Sand Bath therapy harnesses the natural power of far infrared ray and negative ions, generated by volcanic ores from Japan. The sand bath can rid the body of [...]


A relaxing resort on the bank of the peaceful Bang Pakong River. Our staff are delighted to give a wholehearted service for your most enjoyable stay. Our rooms are clean and fully equipped with [...]

Aquatic Therapy

Our aquatic therapy is a hydro-aerobic exercise to move each body muscle to improve and balance all parts of the musculoskeletal system. This method can reduce effects of gravity on the body so [...]

Japanese Energy Capsule

Japanese Energy Capsule incorporates a far-infrared sauna dome to improve your health. It helps to get rid of toxins and wastes under the skin cells, increase blood and fluid circulation, improve [...]

Diagnostic & Treatment Center

  Consult with our certified physiotherapists and design your personalized treatment plan.  Check-up your body structure, analyze its balance and evaluate its damages. Identify your health [...]

Serene Environments

  We are the one and only holistic center in Thailand that is ready to look after your body and mind. Here we have a physiotherapy clinic, health resort and dhamma retreat. Only one hour and [...]