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Rainbow Arokaya Technique - Rainbow Arokaya : Holistic Longevity Center เรนโบว์อโรคายาล บำบัดสุขภาพแบบองค์รวม ทั้งด้านร่างกาย การรับประทานอาหาร การพักผ่อน การออกกำลังกาย และจิตใจ

Stop office syndrome with Rainbow Arokaya Technique. This physiotherapy program can treat muscle pain and stiffness. It can reduce the tension in different muscles from the neck, shoulders, back, thighs and legs. The therapist uses special cream and tools and a sand back, combined with hand techniques, to bring balance back to all muscles of our body. The Rainbow Arokaya Technique is designed to get rid of the cause of all the pain and stiffness on every part of the body and to enhance its movement. You will feel more relaxed as the pain gradually goes away.

Benefits of Rainbow Arokaya Technique

  • Muscles are relaxed and no blood clot clogs the vessels.
  •     Oxygen can circulate throughout our body more efficiently.
  •     Muscle pain is clearly reduced. You can move your body more freely without difficulty.
  •     Bent bones start to straight up or return to a normal state.
  •     Headache decreases.
  • You start to recover from office syndrome as the therapist treat the right spots. You are also given advice on how to relieve muscles when you have to sit on your desk for a long time. This can prevent the cause of office syndrome before it happens.


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