RECOVER : Restoring your health sustainably

Restore your health sustainably at Rainbow Arokaya

Analyze your body structure with an expert physiotherapist and measure the internal energy
Diagnose and treat symptoms of muscle and bone structures including pain in the neck and shoulders which is the cause of office syndrome, chronic muscle stiffness and aches, herniated disc and myasthenia gravis.
Learn personal caring techniques and train to position yourself correctly with physiotherapists, nurses and applied Thai traditional medicine practitioners with considerable experiences.

Experience a resort on the bank of Bang Pakong River where you can breathe fresh air. Pamper yourself with a Japanese volcanic mineral wool bedding set that will give you a full night sleep. Enjoy selections of heathy food to enhance a sustainable well-being.

Duration: 3 days 2 nights

With 6 meals of healthy food

  • 2-day physiotherapy course (60 minutes/day)
  • Detoxification with Japanese sand bath (45 minutes)
  • Japanese energy capsule course (30 minutes)
  • Himalayan salt cave course (30 minutes)

Standard room, garden view

8,900 Baht for 1 person
(For Thai people only)

Duration: 2 days 1 night

With 3 meals of healthy food

  • Physiotherapy course (1 hour)
  • Japanese energy capsule course (30 minutes
  •  Himalayan salt cave course (30 minutes)


Standard room, garden view

5,500 Baht for 1 person
(For Thai people only)

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