Tennis Elbow

Not for just sportmen

Tennis elbow is a type of tendinitis happening at the outer ligament on our elbow. It is caused by violent muscle strain or repetitive action which lead to torn tissues. It is usually found in tennis players who like to use a back hand swing or in people who use wrists and elbows repetitively for a long time. The patient will feel more pain when he/she has to move the wrists or elbows such as fisting and turning the hand down, heavy lifting, twisting cloth and sweeping floors.


The symptoms include pain on the outer side of elbows. When stretching or pressing this muscle, pain intensifies. However, the symptoms may be intermittent due to the arm muscle action. In the patients with serious symptoms, pain may persist even they are not moving their elbows.

Physiotherapy treatment

Patients should stop using the elbow and avoid any activities that may increase pain. Otherwise the symptoms can be chronic and more difficult to treat. In terms of treatments, our physiotherapist will use ultrasound to reduce pain and inflammation and use tapping to ease the arm movement while reducing pain.

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