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Accommodation EN - Rainbow Arokaya : Holistic Longevity Center เรนโบว์อโรคายาล บำบัดสุขภาพแบบองค์รวม ทั้งด้านร่างกาย การรับประทานอาหาร การพักผ่อน การออกกำลังกาย และจิตใจ

“Rainbow Arokaya” is a health resort with natural surroundings at Chachoengsao.

At Rainbow Arokaya, you will be indulged in the serenity of Bang Pakong River banks. Our comfortable accommodation is surrounded by various plants and trees. At daytime, you will receive pure negative ions from the surrounding nature. At nighttime, we have prepared an innovative energy bedding set in every room. All mattresses, pillows and blankets are made from Japanese volcanic mineral wool which can relieve muscle stiffness, ease muscle pain and increase blood circulation. You will be able to sleep soundly for the whole night as this special bedding set can reduce insomnia. Rainbow Arokaya is a perfect place for people who want to look after their health.

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