Holistic Treatment at Rainbow Arokaya promises no “miracle” cures for modern-era health complications, but offers an eclectic mix of the best of both Eastern and Western alternative medical practices. The human body is a complex, integrated system of interrelated components which necessitates a balanced and gradual approach towards improvement. Radical therapies and medicine are not offered in our services, as we are only interested in long-term, continuous improvement. It is with our services that you may return yourself to balance and harmony, but it is with our health education in which you can empower yourself to be your own healer.

Heart-felt service from our qualified therapists begins with a comprehensive diagnosis, including live blood analysis, aura test and body posture check. Our aim is to detect the root problem of chronic disease, treat the problem at the source and then readjust your basic faculties of living for future illness prevention. Quite unlike any spa, this holistic center and resort is the first in Thailand to provide the exclusive volcanic sand bath detoxification treatment from Japan. Holistic heat therapy, which is known to destroy cancer cells outright, continues with our Far-Infrared dome sauna – where infrared light penetrates deep into bodily tissues and discharges toxins from fat cells that are released through perspiration. Visitors who feel sluggish can also experience colon hydrotherapy, promoting purification of the body and mind to clear negativity. Those suffering from chronic pain can enjoy the advanced physical therapy and massage which corrects imbalances in the body structure.