HNP : Herniated Nucleus Pulpous

Herniated Nucleus Pulposus

HNP or Herniated Nucleus Pulposus is the medical term for what most people call “herniated disc”. It happens when the spine disc is broken, then the fluid inside leaks and press neurons. What differentiates HNP from normal back pain is numbness, aches and weakness on the affected leg. The patient will feel intense pain when sitting, bending the body, sneezing and coughing but he/she will feel less pain when walking or standing. The pain arising from HNP is not extreme so do the numbness and weakness felt on the affected leg. The causes of HNP are various including heavy lifting, deteriorated disc, accidents, etc.

Physiotherapy treatments

Our physiotherapist will evaluate the severity of symptoms. If it is still in the phase 1 and 2, the HNP can still be cured completely. But if the severity is in the phase 3 and 4, the physiotherapy treatments can only alleviate pains. We use the techniques of joint mobilization, traction, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and back muscle exercise.

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