Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is a medial epicondylitis of flexor muscles, caused by small rips on the muscle fibers and ligaments. Normally the patients do not realize at first and continue to do daily life activities until their elbows are inflamed. It is usually found in golfers as this sport requires the movement of the flexor pronator muscles. People do not use these muscles much in their daily life so they are less strong and prone to damages.


The main symptom is pain in the inner side of elbows, near a bony bump. Pain may worsen when the patient bends the wrists up while straightens the elbows. In some cases, only slight movement of the elbows can increase pain. To diagnose golfer’s elbow, the patient needs to   straighten the elbows and bend the wrists up. He/she will feel pain on the bony bumps inside the elbows.


For early symptoms, the patient should apply a cold press on the affected area for 5-10 minutes to reduce inflammation and stop using the affected arm. If the symptoms are not alleviated, we recommend some physiotherapy treatment. Our physiotherapist will use ultrasound to reduce pain and inflammation and use tapping to reduce elbow’s movement while preventing recurring damages.

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